Free Arena Royale Update Coming Soon! (Devlog#2) - New map, weapons and game mode coming soon


I have been busy working on the Arena Royale update. Arena Royale is our take on the Battle Royale genre. It is a much more fast-paced, and the rounds only last a few minutes. Here are the details about the upcoming update:

  • New weapons! G35C (Automatic assault rifle) and a Futuristic Sniper Rifle (1 shot sniper)
  • New Game Mode - Arena Royale
    • Last Player standing wins
    • You can select your weapons before spawning
    • Fast-paced - Matches last 5 minutes
    • Can be played offline! (Online multiplayer coming soon)
  • New Map, Lakemere! A massive map split into 4 distinct zones
    • Hectic Highrises - Extremely fast-paced, close quarters combat
    • Marvellous Mountains - Large and open area with a moderate amount of cover
    • Cottage Corn - A sleepy cottage with lots of building and tree cover
    • Frighting Forest - An open forest with lots of natural cover (trees and rocks).
  • Tons of bug fixes and changes
  • Ai improvements - Ai will now find health packs when low on health.
  • Shotgun Changes - The shotgun was inconsistent, so this new update should make it a much more viable weapon

This update will be coming very soon!



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