Battle Royale Dev Update #1 (Plus Arena Royale and Offline!)


I am currently working on a Battle/Arena Royale update.

There is a key difference between this and other Battle Royale - style games

You can play it offline!

What is Arena Royale?

Arena Royale is similar to Battle Royale:

  1. Last player standing wins.
  2. Shrinking circle forces players into small area.

However, there are lots of differences, like:

  1. You will spawn with your weapons, meaning that you can get straight into action. 
  2. The map is quite small, which invites potential for lots of close and long range fights.
  3. There are no healthpacks - Any ammo or health you lose will be lost forever.
  4. The circle is constantly shrinking - There is no stop time for the circle.

When will it be complete?

Arena Royale is very close to being finished - ETA: About 2 weeks

Battle Royale will come much later ETA: About a month after Arena Royale.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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AWESOME!!!! my friend and i were looking for a battle royale, and we've found one! yay!!!



Glad to hear that you are excited for the new update!

By the sound of it, it seems you want to play Arena Royale with a friend, so would you rather have a split-screen/local multiplayer (about a few weeks) or online multiplayer (a few months)? 

Both will be coming at some point, (online multiplayer is planned after the Battle Royale update).

I'll post a screenshot of the map tomorrow.



i would prefer online multiplayer


Sorry for the long delay, this update took way longer than expected. The update is about to go live, and multiplayer is coming after that.  If possible, could you leave feedback here, or any other features you would like to see in the game?

Here is the image: